Serdar Ortaç - "Şeytan Satan"

Смотрите Serdar Ortaç - "Şeytan Satan", бесплатно на нашем сайте - развлекательный портал о различных музыкальных направленях: музыка и видео онлайн, новости и блоги

("Devil") LYRICS : = May all the best loves be ours, ours I got a bad name, "sick", there's no one who looks at this face They suppose that love kneels down before us, before us In these times, those who travel a lot do not get a visa any more Life, why are you tiring me? If it's sinful, then why do you spoil the game? Many reasons.. The devil's telling me, go up to her, Don't pronounce her name, tease her No one knows if the crazy destiny will bring you to my way The soul becomes upset, it's not made of stone It's not a kind of love that you can bear This soul/heart is not hungry for anything (it's picky) No one knows if this one will satisfy it

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