Rammstein Engel (Official Video) HD

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"Engel" (German for Angel) is a song by German Industrial metal band Rammstein. The song is released as the first single from their second album Sehnsucht. The remix of the song is used as the entrance theme for the Chikara heel stable Bruderschaft des Kreuzes. An English version of Engel can be found on US special editions of the Sehnsucht album. The female part of the chorus of the song is sung by Christiane "Bobolina" Hebold of the German pop band Bobo in White Wooden Houses. The video for Engel appears to give a nod to one of the scenes in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. While Lindemann, Schneider and Flake are in the audience in the video, Paul Landers can be seen taking Schneider's place by playing the drums and Richard and Ollie are seen singing.

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